Cahill's Technology & Services entities and affiliates offer a unique suite of services for our clients.

Our highly specialized team provides innovative solutions and a variety of specialty services, leveraging our best-in-class facilities and our responsive field service teams, to both commercial and industrial clients, We have also developed strong partnerships with world-class organizations and are forging a path of technical innovation.

Flexible and adaptable.

We are always evaluating and integrating new products and technologies, with the goal of delivering a custom package of services based on client needs. Our flexibility allows us to adapt to changes at the industry and customer level to offer high value solutions.

Our sustainable future.

Our vision of building beyond includes investing in technology and innovation to find cleaner, more sustainable solutions. With years of experience in power generation, transmission and distribution, Cahill has the capabilities and expertise in smart energy management, renewables, and building controls and automation to continue to meet the needs of the energy transition.

Smart energy management.

From energy audits and retrofits to intelligent building systems, Cahill’s experience in mechanical and electrical systems for new and existing buildings enables clients to increase energy efficiency and meet environmental regulations, while reducing overall operating costs.

Renewable energy.

As the world shifts from carbon fuels, the demand for renewable energy alternatives is rapidly increasing. From large scale hydro-electricity projects to solar walls and electric vehicle chargers, we have the expertise to provide a range of future-friendly solutions.

Clean water for all.

Our water treatment solutions, operations, and maintenance ensure a reliable supply of clean, safe drinking water and the effective treatment of wastewater. We work with municipalities and businesses to design, construct, commission, operate, and maintain infrastructure that offers operational reliability and meets your targets for capital and operating cost.

Design-build & specialized services.

Cahill is an instrumentation and controls integrator, working throughout the design, build, and commissioning phases. We offer engineering and design expertise for E-Houses, pump skids and power systems, including renewable energy installations. We also have a CSA-certified panel shop and an ISO-certified calibration lab.

Field services

Cahill complements our suite of service offerings with on-site field service support. Our team provides site service for electrical power systems, mechanical, sprinkler and HVAC systems, traffic and streetlights, instrumentation, and control systems.

Fuel integrity is power reliability.

Through Refuel Systems, Cahill offers high-efficiency diesel filtration systems for commercial and industrial stored diesel applications. Refuel’s LEED-rated, closed-loop diesel filtration system eliminates fuel as a single point of failure, restoring the integrity of diesel fuel, storage tanks, and disaster mitigation plans. It helps minimize fuel waste and reduces carbon footprint.

Facilities management & maintenance services.

Our highly trained technicians and tradespeople offer innovative solutions to multi-residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities. Leveraging tools such as CMMS for remote monitoring coupled with our predictive and preventative maintenance routines, we provide responsive emergency services and planned facility maintenance programs. In addition to optimizing efficiency and performance, we support extended shutdowns and maintenance periods on critical mechanical and electrical equipment and systems.

Fire protection.

The Cahill Group, through Life Safety Systems, offers comprehensive fire protection services to industrial, commercial, institutional, and multi-residential buildings throughout Eastern Canada.

Cahill affiliates & related parties.

Our affiliates and related parties include Atlantica which supports the Maritimes while Lynk focuses on the Cape Breton Region. Life Safety Systems and Cahill Technical Services operate throughout Atlantic Canada and beyond. NSA primarily operates in the offshore sector.

Technology & ServicesAreas of Expertise

Design-Build & Specialized Services

  • Engineering and design services
  • Industrial / Building Controls Integrator (PLC & HMI development, SCADA, telemetry, BTL Listed, BacNet & Modbus capabilities, API development and commissioning)
  • Systems Integration (Intelligent Buildings, Building Automation Systems, Industrial Automation Systems, Energy Management)
  • Custom Design Solutions (E-Houses, Pump Skids, Power Generation)
  • Power Systems (Arc Flash, Coordination, and power systems studies)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) – Eaton authorized representative
  • Fuel Polishing equipment installations
  • Sales and rentals
  • CSA certified panel shop
  • ISO certified calibration lab

Renewables & Sustainability

  • Design / build solar installations
  • Wind energy installations
  • Solar Wall installations
  • Energy usage monitoring, analytics, and consulting
  • Energy efficiency retrofits and upgrades
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) charger consult, design, supply, fabrication, install, commissioning and service
  • Intelligent Building Systems
  • Critical environment controls
  • Diesel fuel polishing, mobile and stationary options
  • Water and wastewater solutions
  • Modular Process Packages
  • Solid waste reduction technology

Facility Maintenance

  • Integrated facility management
  • Preventative & predictive maintenance, planning and remote monitoring
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  • Maintenance, repair and reconstruction for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection
  • Building Management Systems (BMS) Systems
  • Automatic Fault Detection and Diagnostics (AFDD) Support
  • Gas boiler maintenance and reconstruction
  • Air Handling Unit maintenance
  • Refrigeration maintenance
  • Complete fire protection maintenance and inspection services

Emergency & Field Support Services

  • Responsive emergency building services
  • Startup and commissioning
  • EI&C (Testing, Repair, UPS, Calibrations)
  • Power systems electrical testing and maintenance
  • Utility & Transformer testing
  • IR scanning
  • Gas detection
  • Authorized representative for Rivertrace oil in water analysis
  •  Pump installation and maintenance
  • Traffic & Street Lights installation and service
  • HVAC including chillers and boilers
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical and building automation
  • Fire Protection
  • Fuel Oil systems

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